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MAG.JPG (44860 bytes)  Hanson is shocked and amazed to find out the identity of the man Britney Spears left him for!
HANSONS.JPG (33321 bytes) Here's Hanson, taking a look at a photo of fellow teenage heartthrob Taylor Hanson.
WAITING.JPG (22419 bytes)  After 4 hours and 23 minutes, Hanson refuses to wait any longer for these New Yorkers to move.


Ref Hanson Take's Manhattan

ESCALATR.JPG (26317 bytes)  Ref Hanson amazed by the lovely views of Port Authority!

  SOLDIER.JPG (21651 bytes)  Ref Hanson with a scary pose at Rockefeller Center.


TIX.JPG (17924 bytes)After 30 minutes of serious brain straining at Port Authority, Ref Hanson realizes he bought LOTTERY tickets instead of BUS tickets!!