Hi everybody! You: Hi Ref Hanson! Whaaaazaaaup and how you doin'?! This is my weekly commentary where I just speak my mind about various topics from A to Z. I could talk about wrestling one minute, and sewing the next. Oh, and if you;re looking for correct punctuation and correct speling, you won?t find it here.....or anywhere on this whole site for that matter. So here goes......(to myself)...Alright, brain, let's go....think....tick...tock...tick...tock, BING! AHA!

                                                KURT ANGLE

              You know, with all of the hype about St. Louis Rams quarterback Kurt Warner and all of his success so fast, I don't think people realize there's another Kurt that is gaining as much success in a place where someone like him is almost destined for failure. Kurt Angle is one of the top dogs in the World Wrestling Federation; and he is full of flavor. He is a tremendous athlete and worker that has a good match with just about everyone. On the mic, he is absolutely phenomenal, and funny to boot. Why did I think he was destined for failure? Simple.....look at other "American heroes" or "athletes from other sports" that have tried to succeed in the WWF. Mark Henry, after a horrible start as a "good guy" wearing a gigantic American diaper....he then bacame a member of the now defunct "Nation of Domination"...and then a sort of successful run as "sexual chocolate". Overall, thus far anyway, unsuccessful. Brakkus, after about a 4-match run, he was out of the WWF. The Patriot, he enjoyed a successful feud with Bret Hart during the Canada-USA "war" of 1997; but after Bret was gone and an injury......he was, too, out of the WWF. Now we come back to Kurt Angle, now I must admit when I heard the WWF signed him, I thought he was going to flop just like all of the others. My guess was just about 100% accurate when I saw him do a run-in on Tiger Ali Singh on an edition of "Heat". I almost saw them wrestling at the next PPV, Tiger would do the job, Kurt would then beat Gangrel on the next Raw and never be seen again.....but when he became "the conceeded olympic hero", I thought it might actually work. His debut at "Survivor Series" against Shawn Stasiak was an outstanding match, and Kurt looked to be at home in the ring. Raw in and raw out, smackdown in, and smackdown out, Kurt would trash every pro sports team in that respective town and gain amazing heat. His mic work wasn't even your average heel totally trashing the team, but a clean-cut guy just spewing the dark, dirty truths of them. Who to thought that less than a year later, he would main event Summerslam? Kurt has done more in one year than most guys accomplish in 6 or 7. He's one of best all-around workers and heels in the entire business, and has the ability to be the next Austin or Rock within the next five years. So when you say the name Kurt.....think of Angle too, cuz his angle is sssssssmokin'. Congratulations Kurt Angle on an already successful wrestling career, and greater success to you in the future. I see a world title for you soon, it's true! It's true!

I hope you enjoyed my first weekly com., if u didn't enjoy it....get the flu and be miserable you egg-suckin' ass-wipe! If you liked it, gee, thanks!!! I'll talk to you next week!!!!!