This is ECPW where I become Hanson Spicolli. A "surfer" ref. It must be the air at the ECPW arena. 





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Someone yelled, "HOT DOGS!!"  But he wanted a dollar for each one! 






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Pic 2: Kara asked me out for a date and I said No. She got mad, so she "X-factored" me.




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Pic 3: Dave Delicious came over and then pleaded for me to go on a date with him! I agreed and we went to the movies to see "The Exorcist".




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Pic 4: That's Foxy, she was asking me where Moondog Wenzel got those gnarly red and white socks. I told her the GAP, but I was lyin' about the whole thing.....he actually got 'em at KOHL'S!!!




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Pic 5: That's me....ain't I a sexy Bitch!!!!!





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