WAVE.JPG (22544 bytes)

Pic 8: There I am waving at the trash called...uhhh, oh the JAPW "maniacs". Also the JAPW ring announcer, Brad, looking in awe at the world's most handsome ref.




    This is JAPW, where not only would I meet the love of my life, I would become the most hated ref in the business! JAPW is where I got my "re-start" in the wrestling business.


CHKELAX.JPG (27387 bytes)


Pic 1: I'm checkin' that freak, "Elax's" tights






PINKELAX.JPG (28884 bytes)
Pic 2: See me where it looks like I'm dribblin' a basketball, I'm actually layin down the law to Elax




HOMCHECK.JPG (25340 bytes)

Pic 3: Homicide grabs me by the hair and goes in for the kiss, I then tell him I don't swing that way.





HOMICIDE.JPG (26263 bytes)
Pic 4: I grab the chair from Homicide, I don't know what he was going to do with it, but I got it from him.



JASON.JPG (17997 bytes)

Pic 5: I accidentally "biff" Jason in the forehead. Well, No...he was just doing his stretches.





JAPWKICK.JPG (25021 bytes)Pic 6: Low-ki kicks the #$%^ out of my face, what it doesn't show is when I got up Low-ki took off for higher ground because I was looking to dish out some payback.........Well, not exactly....if I fought Low-ki...not only would  I bet on him, but I would send flowers to the local funeral home for myself







SMILE.JPG (20527 bytes)


Pic 7: That's me checkin ou-....I mean smiling at Don Montoya






























BELT.JPG (19811 bytes) Pic 16: Here's me holding the JAPW NJ State championship




OUTSIDE.JPG (23088 bytes) Pic 17: Homicide doesn't like it when u take chairs from him...


JAYCHECK.JPG (12674 bytes) Pic 14: Juuuuuuust makin sure Jason Knight knows the rules.

HURRAN.JPG (18373 bytes) Pic 13: Crazy Ivan hits Laithon with an impressive outside-the-ring hurricarana

HANSNDON.JPG (16333 bytes) Pic 12: Don Montoya and I chillin' like the cool ass dudes we are on the top ring rope

YELLHIT.JPG (12884 bytes) Pic 15: Monsta mac tryin to step up to me, ref Hanson, I sent his ass back to his corner...not before verbally insulting him a couple of times....hmph......he aint readin this, is he?

HURTZWIN.JPG (22042 bytes) Pic 10: For those of you who don't know...I discover here that Dr. Hurtz uses the Gillette Mach 3 razor to shave his underarms.

HURTXZOM.JPG (16970 bytes)
Pic 9:  See this pic where it looks like Dr. Hurtz and I are playing a distanced game of pattycake....thatz actually him getting the win over Ron Zombie

HURTZZOM.JPG (23360 bytes) Pic 11: Ya know, if Ron Zombie knew the rules beforehand, I wouldn't have to manhandle him like I'm doing here.

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