PAPADON.JPG (18441 bytes)Pic 20:    Ref Hanson & Papa Don share a moment at Rockefeller Center in New York City.



UWFGROUP.JPG (15980 bytes)Pic 12: GMB, Foxy,  Blue Dragon, and Ref Hanson pose for a pic at a UWF charity show.


VELVET.JPG (6634 bytes)  Pic 21:  Here's me, with a totally rad chick, Velvet!  

Hi, again!...gang. It's me...Ref Hanson! This is pictures of some of my friends in this wonderful world called, "rasslin'"

TAMMY.JPG (31030 bytes)  Pic 22:  After asking Tammy Sytch to "show it to me" I didn't think she'd show me her can of whoop ass!!!!  Damn!!


TIGER.JPG (25596 bytes)

Pic 1: There's me with that party animal, "Tiger Mulligan".



ACE.JPG (24857 bytes)
Pic 2: Me with a man who's helped me out a lot and given me some good advice...and stolen food from my dinner plate, "Ace Darling".




BLUE.JPG (8472 bytes)

Pic 3: Me with an up and coming lightweight, "The Blue Dragon".




ECPWLISA.JPG (19230 bytes)

Pic 4: Me with ECPW's "Lovely Lisa".




GABIHUG1.JPG (19177 bytes) 

Pic 5: The woman with the supreme hots for me!!!!...ahem...Gabi Leigh poses for a pic.




GABBIHUG.JPG (17201 bytes)

Pic 6: Gabi becomes the luckiest woman in wrestling when she gets her second pic with "zebra Skill" Ref Hanson




GLNSMILE.JPG (22784 bytes)

Pic 7: Glenn Strange learns a way to get women when I show him the Hanson pose.




GLNCHOKE.JPG (21464 bytes)

Pic 8: Glenn then asks for an ass-whoopin' by choking me




HITHAIR.JPG (34240 bytes)
Pic 9: Here's some advice...never hit on Mafia Mac's girlfriend......heh heh...they kinda don't like it.




LOWKI.JPG (20499 bytes)

Pic 10: Me and the great "Low-ki"




RINGCREW.JPG (41577 bytes)
Pic 11: GMB, Red Hot Russ, Chris Callahan, and Ref Hanson put aside their differences to take a pic at Memorial Park in Fair Lawn











WENZEL.JPG (19191 bytes) Pic 19: Here's 2 bad ass dudes lookin' for a fight! Well, one....bad ass...dude.

VIKI.JPG (14146 bytes) Pic 18: "Foxy" is all smiles


TOMMY.JPG (17182 bytes) Pic 17: After turning down my offer for him to sign an autograph, Tommy "2 cutie" Fierro takes a pic with Zebra Skill.jgtgfgf

SHERIDAN.JPG (17943 bytes) Pic 16: My soggy dream comes true after posin' wit "Showtime" Shawn Sherridan

DOGS.JPG (2997 bytes) Pic 13: Here I am with one of the baddest tag teams and great badmitton players on the independent circuit, "The Moondogs 2000"

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LEEGREAT.JPG (22794 bytes) Pic 14: Here's every homophobic wrestler's worst nightmare, "Supremely Great"

SAL.JPG (15803 bytes) Pic 15: Here's Sal Benoit totally kickin' my ass after I made a comment about his breath...and his clothing style....and his odor....and his, well ya know.