December 21, 2000



    For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, and haven't heard, Ref Hanson is a tag team champion!!  That's right, ahem, Ref Hanson, along with........some guy....became a tag team champion for the MWF.  It all started when Johnny Boy Rocker and the Nightstalker challenged ANYBODY in a defense for their tag team titles.  Then...oh yeah, Justin Cage!.....came out and accepted their challenge bravely.  But HALT HALT HALT!  He needed a tag team partner!  A partner with power, speed, agility, brains......ZEBRA SKILL!!!  So who else did he turn to but yours truly!  After his pleading for me to accept his partnership, we used a wheelbarrow splash to score the pinfall.  And of course, I'M the one that did it! And as all 1200 people....or 600 people.....or 100 people......or 20 people...well, it doesn't matter how many people were there, it matters how much noise they made when Ref Hanson became champion!  


    Alright! The playoffs, the most exciting time of the year in sports.....arguablly....well, it is to me. In the NFC, the GIANTS, vikings, saints, buccanneers, eagles, and the lions or rams or packers have nailed their spots. In the AFC, the Titans, raiders, ravens, broncos, and the dolphins, and/or colts, and/or JETS have qualified their spots. The playoff match-up possibilities are endless, so I can't say who will beat who....but I can say who I think will win. In the AFC, I like the titans. They have the perfect mix of O and D, the only other AFC playoff team that beat them was the ravens; and if you ask me that was a fluke. I don't believe the ravens can do it again. There is a chance that these two teams could end up playing each other in the divisional round, that would be a can't-miss game. I think the dolphins, colts, and jets are just wasting their time.....all of the other teams have way too much firepower. My heart is with the Jets, but my brain says otherwise. So I like the TITANS to repeat as AFC champs, and the ravens as my darkhorse. Once again, the AFC central dominates. In the NFC, it's a toss-up. Looking at it logically, and stealing the same thing Cris Collinsworth said, the Vikings have the greatest chance. Check it, the eagles and bucs......no offense, the giants secondary doesn't match up to an amazing viking receiver squad, the vikes beat the lions twice already, and the saints are injury hurting......but the rams whipped the vikes. So it is real hard, look at the regular season: the lions beat the saints and giants, the bucs beat the vikings, the giants beat the eagles twice, the rams beat the vikings and giants, the saints beat the rams.....it boggles the mind indeed. But when it all comes down to it...the GIANTS have home field advantage (pending a win against the jags), and playing in GIANTS STADIUM is so unpredictable because of wind conditions. I like the rams because of their super explosive offense, but they may not even make it. I like the vikes because of their record and offense, but they buckle under the pressure. I don't like the eagles at all because of their lucky winning ways this season, but Donovan Mcnabb is playing like an MVP......enough BS, I like the RAMS, if they get in, if not, I like the VIKINGS. They have the overall best team and balanced offense. So I like the TITANS AND THE VIKINGS/RAMS.............GOOOO MICE! LATER, ZEBRA'S OUT!

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