February 7, 2001


    Aight!  Everyone knows Jersey All Pro Wrestling just finished a weekend of action in Bayonne & Philadelphia.  Everyone saw that IDIOT Foo Foo bring his new protégé out, Callahan.  Callahan, or as I like to call him PUDGY PUDGE, THE FAT BASTARD, choked me out!  Not once, but TWICE!!!!  Well it seems Foo Foo is a disgruntled employee and wants to take his anger out on me and the rest of JAP.  Well Foo Foo, you brought down the thunder, now you've got it!  The next time Callahan puts his hands on me he's gonna be in bandages and have a twin set of black eyes!  That is just a small piece of what I'll do to YOU, Foo Foo!  Cuz ya see, people may not be aware of the fact that not only do I have Zebra Skill but I have FIGHTIN' skill!  This just doesn't go out to Foo Foo, but to ANYBODY that feels itchy of touching the ref!  Dammit, when's everyone gonna realize that I am THE WHOLE REFFIN' SHOW!  C'mon people, come on!  Geez!  


    Well my prediction came true!  Just like I said it, everybody remembers my prediction from my last commentary.  If ya didn't think I was smart before, if ya didn't think I had Nostradomus quality in my before, well you're eatin' crow now, aren't ya?  For those of you that didn't know the outcome of the big game, Aerosmith 20, NSync 13.  IN YOUR FACE!!!!


    Well well well, Kleeber Hebner.  It looks like you got what you had comin' to ya.  Ya see, there was a light heavyweight title match between Judas Young and that sissy man Sure Thing Ryan Wing.  Judas was in control of the match from the start of the bell even with that dirty Tommy Fierro on the outside. Judas ended up winning the match as I counted the three.  When that goofy lookin', no woman havin', dorky, ass pony Kleeber Hebner came out and reversed the decision.  Well, Kleeber AND Mr. Wing were met with a pair of dropkicks delivered by Judas & myself!  Kleeber............BRING IT ON, BITCH!  I'm Ref Hanson. 


Later, Gators...I'm vapor!

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