June 18, 2001


     For those of you who don't know, smack yourselves across the face!!! because the news is out everywhere! Anywho, Ric Blade broke 2 bones in his chin after suffering the effects of a chinlock via Calahan hahahah no j/k, he was attempting one of his regular Ric Blade maneuvers and got injured attempting it. Ric and his wife are expecting a baby soon, and I send them my best...Ric your a kick ass wrestlert....I bet a million bucks you'll be a kick ass dad! He will be out for apprx. 8 months, but knowing Blade, give him 5 or 6. Ric we'll miss ya! GET BETTER, then come back!



    HA HA HA! The fat ass lost. That's right folks, Dave Grecco whipped Calahan like I would have! Pudgey Pudge tapped out to the Greccowar armbar!!! YYYYYYEs! You see, I bribed referee Paul "As The World" Turner for me to ref the match...I musta gave him about 57 cents...yeah pretty steep! But it was all worth it....but then after the match, that sore loser FATAHAN gave me the Cal-Dreamanator!!! (chair to the head with an elbow to boot) I laid unconscious for about 7 minutes....it even caused me to yak at a Freehold restaurant not too long afterwards! DAMN FAT ASS! To me? Doesn't matter....he lost, it was all worth it. In other matches that evening, it was the JAPW return of Billy Reil....he came out and interrupted a deciding lightweight title match between Chino Martinez and Nick Berk...and then challenged them to a 3 way dance, Billy came out with what was to be his new manager "Cat"...but it seems as if Billy wasn't payin her enough or something...because (I didn't notice it then) but the bim- uhhh manager distracted me and then threw powder in the eyes of Billy Reil allowing Nick Berk to score the win! I am happy for Nick Berk and believe he will make a great champion...BUT WHY!? Why cheat? I don't get it, he doesn't need to! I think Billy Reil will be back! You can expect a new heated rivalry to begin in JAP between these 2. The Hit Squad absolutely destroyed the team of Tommy Suede and SLG......the 2 young wrestlers were in it for awhile....but then SLG walked out on Tommy Suede! YEAH! That jerk walked out! I mean, hey, it probably isn't the first time a friend walked out on Tommy Suede...but nonetheless....SLG should have had enough decency when the Hit Squad was out there! But he didn't, and after The Hit Squad were victorious...they attemted to put Aerial through a table! The same way they did to .......some valet just about one year ago in the very same building. But the Bayonne Bros. would see none of that and came out and spoiled the plot of The Hits by putting Mafia through it! Good job boys! And another good job, they defeated the very talented team of The Briscoes....In Philly, I had the privilege of reffing a 15 minute clinic put on by 3 of the best...Reckless Youth...Mike Quackenbush and Minora Fujita. Minora came out victorious...but I think in the end all 3 were victorious...the pace of this match was quicker than any match I have ever seen. It was good to see Reckless Youth back in JAP, and I am sure he'll be back next month. Also at the arena, Red and Maximo made their debut by wrestling the Hit Squad....even though the SAT put up a good fight, it just wasn't their night. The Hit Squad had piss and water running through their veins and they were winners on this night. The Rockin' Rebel was in the house again...and the newly formed pair of he and Skinhead Ivan scored eack of them wins over Chino Martinez and J-Train respectively. But all signs point to July 7th....when Jerry "The King" Lawler invades JAPW! Why is he in the house? Why is he coming to JAP? We all don't know. We all know why The Cat is coming....She wants to meet me and take a pic with her favorite ref....but why is the king coming? I can't wait!!!


    OOOOOOOO I got J Cup fever! Boy, I'll tellya.....Where are you going to find 16 other great lightweights on the indy scene today besides Applebees at 12 at night? The answer: Nowhere! My prediction as to who the winner will be....Low Ki, he's on a roll. First the Super 8 tourney for ECWA, now the J-cup, I don't think anyone has a chance at beating him. See ya there!


       APW...APW...my first commentary on this particular organization...I got  bad taste in my mouth from this place back a couple weeks when that ignoramus Fred Khoury punched me in the face. I was reprimanding him for using illegal maneuvers such as chokes, eye rakes, and punches. Even worse? That other hooligan Jason Knight was on the outside cheering it all on....Well, I put that behind me when I reffed my next APW card. It was Cold Front, one of the most impressing tag teams in the world today, against ECW's Hot Commodity...., another tag team in wredtling, well the match was going on and everything was OK until Julio Dinero "Mr. Wrestling Jackson" thought hitting the referee was part of the match. Some people might call it "accidental" but to me it was blatant. He was attempting to clothesline Black Ice from Cold Front when he ducked and whammed me with a devastaing line. I was down for a few moments until CVhris Hamrick finally got the cover on Iceberg....Julio counted with me....1...2...th-....NO WAY! That moron Julio counted the three but I didn't. I did what was right, I immeadiately went to the ring announcer and told him to announce Cold Front as the winners. Then Hot Commodity did the noble thing and congratulated Cold Front on their victory right? NOPE! They double super kicked me!!! YUP! THEY DID! Well them 2 punks better not show up in APW anymore or I will go right up to the commisioner and demand of their exits! I'll DO IT!



           On that very night Hot Commodity hit me in the face with their stinky feet. Bulldog Blanski wrestled his last match ever defeating Tiger Mulligan with a belly to belly suplex. Well, Bulldog is a friend of mine, and I wish him the best. I had a lot of fun reffing his matches...and wrestling will only be a small part of what he will accomplish. Bulldog, do the thing and thanks for the memories. TAKE CARE Blansk!


    I am very excited and honored to be writing a piece on World Xtreme Wrestling. It is filled with professionals to the greatest degree. Even though they got a complete jack-ass who doesn't bathe named Scott Matthews that ring announces...it is still great. Anywho, things got hot immeadiately...It was late May when Samu wrestled 120 pound soaken wet Dylan Dean for the WXW heavyweight title. Samu was in control of the match when I got knocked out while Samu was performing a move much like the TKO. It seems as though The Metal Maniac intervened and wailed Sam with a chair! I didnt see it and I bet the Maniac didn't he is a true professional ya know.....but somehow Samu got commisioner Lotto Money to make a rematch on Father's Day ...Samu vs. Dylan Dean....I guess Dylan broke a nail or something because The Metal Maniac replaced him. I don't think it mattered. Samu ran through him like a bull in a china closet and got back his world title. Team Extreme led by Dylan Dean went to attack Samu at the end of it all when a large man wearing a mask came in and cleaned house with a singapore cane.....then he NAILED SAMU! He then challenged him at Sportsfest on July 13th. It seems that it was none other than The SaNdman...he and Tommy Dreamer will be on hand to challenge anyone from WXW. I don't think Samu will stick his tail between his legs. Look out ECW!

Next commentary....

I will write about more stuff!!! YEAH!


Later, Gators...I'm vapor!


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