October 28, 2001


    Hey kids! Hanson finally has decided to update his commentary. Well, anyway things are heating up in JAP. It appears the Hit Squad has officially lost their marbles! They not only destroyed JT Jobber and Elax at JAP's debut at the Murphy Rec Center.....they not only have alligned themselves with current NJ state champion Dixie....but they attacked ME....giving me the burning hammer in Bayonne on October 12th. They are apparently crazy because they are scared. They know they have a tag title defense upcoming against Low-ki and Homicide in Bayonne November 9th. I personally will be refereeing that one...and I think I might push the envelope on the rules and let a little more slide.
    Kid Kruel is continuing to impress defeating the likes of Supreme Lee Great, Ron Zombie, and the guy who's book I am currently reading-"Lightning" Mike Quackenbush. Kid Kruel also had a tremendous showing against former WCW hardcore champion Crowbar. It is a matter of time until K.K. gets a title shot. 
    The Christopher street connection have apparently returned from their duties in servicing our brave men overseas. They returned in a loss to Laithon, but did help out Don Montoya in his victory over Dave Greco.
    JAP returns on  November 9th in Bayonne at Charity Hall, for tickets....don't look at me....contact JAPW.NET.


    USA Pro wrestling was honored last week as Mikey Whipwreck wrestled his very last match ever at a USA Pro wrestling card last week in Deer Park. He was victorious over former rival in ECW, Little Guido. Prior to the match, Little Guido ripped apart Mikey on the mic. Mikey came out and not only wrestled a hilarious match but a good one to. It was classic Mikey as through hell, highwater, whippersnappers,....and pies....he had his hand raised by me at the sound of the bell. Afterwards, all of the wrestlers came out and wished Mikey good luck and put him on their shoulders. It was one of the shining moments in my career and in USA Pro history. I will remember this match for the rest of my life, and feel honored to have reffed Mikey Whipwreck's final hurrah. I would like to thank Mikey and USA Pro for the opportunity to have reffed it. GOOD LUCK MIKEY! And we will all miss you...Just don't be a stranger now!


        Well, the USA has reacted in typical US fashion by beginnig to whip Afghanistan's ass. We are far far from over in this war. But the United states will come out on top. I applaud NYC and Washington DC for beginning to rebuild. I applaud all of the people who are working hard at the World Trade Center. I look at the NY skyline everyday and don't see the Twin towers, that is the hardest part for me. I didn't know anyone who was in the WTC, or on any of the planes, or anyone lost in the pentagon....for me the big time hurt is the fact that I won't see those 2 massive structures ever again in the present, only in pictures or on Memorex. I drive the NJ turnpike everyday too, and I drive slow on purpose just to look at the Empire stat building and the Chrysler building, and all the others. They are all so beautiful and we need to cherish every moment we can to see them. At night the Empire State building is lit in Red, white, and blue. On 10 out of every 20 cars I see an American flag, on every helmet in the NFL there is an American flag, I hope this all stays that way. Because there is nothing more beautiful than the American flag. It is 50 stars, 13 stripes and makes me damn proud! It is even more beautiful than me naked......for damn sure! 


P.I.S.S. I urge all of my Hansonites to check out Mike Quackenbush's new book "Headquarters". He is a close friend of mine and a funny guy who has some great stories. Check out www.Mikequackenbush.com or e-mail him at quackpcw@aol.com for more info. And uh...Go Yankees, win it for NEW YORK! And uh...Mets............try harder next year...Yeah!

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